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20 Wonderful Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

How many of us truly know about carrot juice benefits for health? If you’re thinking that carrots are just for rabbits, then you have to think again as you’re missing out on some amazing benefits. As you may know, carrots contain many of the necessary minerals and nutrients needed for your body and development.

In reality, many health experts even consider this vegetable as one of a few miracle vegetables that has a number of health purposes.

Based on several research and studies, people know that carrot can protect our body against diseases, enhance your eyesight, nails, hair, and many more things. Therefore, it is said drinking carrot juice everyday should definitely be a part of your routine. It’s not just healthy, it’s also tasty in your life!

Still not believe? The following list of healthy benefits from juicing carrots will probably change your mind.


Enhance Immunity and Controls Heart Diseases

The beta-carotene found in carrots makes it a rich source of vitamin A. That’s the reason why it’s capable of enhancing the immune system of our body.

The abundance of vitamin A in carrot juice can help improve your vision and the daily intake can prevent heart diseases and strokes.

So, you are recommended to make a habit to drink at least one glass of carrot juice in order to keep your organs healthy. You can juice with spinach, apple, or cucumber to change your daily taste.


Prevents Cancer

Carrot juice also acts like an anti-cancer agent. Increased intake of carotenoids in carrot juice has been demonstrated to decrease instances of bladder, prostate, colon and breast cancer.

More and more people are diagnosed with cancer, and that’s because of a poor lifestyle and diet. So take care our body responsibly.


Reduces Cholesterol

Another wonderful benefit of carrot juice is that it can effectively lower your cholesterol levels. The potassium present in carrot juice can do this job.

In addition, carrot juice is also good for your the liver as it is capable of eliminating the bile and fat in it.

More amazingly, potassium, together with magnesium and manganese, can stabilize the blood sugar levels and help you prevent diabetes.


Builds Protein and Strengthens Bones

Vitamin K available in carrot juice in necessary for the protein building process in the body. Besides, it also enhances the binding of calcium that in turn leads to the faster healing of broken bones.


Cleanses the Liver

Drinking carrot juice every morning and evening is a perfect way to cleanse and detoxify the liver. The toxins in the liver are released from the system and out of the body, just after consuming this amazing juice.

Similarly, the bloodstream is not capable of eliminating the toxins and bile through the kidneys. Thus, the only way to remove them is when it’s expelled from the skin.

This is where carrot juice becomes very helpful. It aids the process, while ensuring that all of the harmful bile will be released from the body. Carrot juice supports this process and ensures harmful bile is removed totally from the body. When the liver functions well, it prevents the accumulation of fat and aids in its rapid digestion, preventing weight gain and obesity.


Promotes Urination

Studies have shown that carrot juice is a strong diuretic. It plays an essential role in increasing urination, which eventually helps in purging almost 4% of total body fat. It also removes excess bile and uric acid, lowers blood pressure, eradicates renal calculi, expels infection causing microbes and keeps the kidneys clean.


Source Of Vitamins Needed For Skin

Drinking carrot juice every day can help you keep your skin healthy and pretty. It also reduces the occurrence of skin related problems, such as eczema.

The vitamin A present in carrots acts as a natural vitamin for the skin, that’s why it can help you prevent dermatitis and skin rashes as well.


Prevents Acne

I think nobody likes acne. To prevent your face or body from acne, you should drink a glass of carrot juice everyday. The reason is that the juice is high in essential oils which can prevent acne breakout by detoxifying your body.


Reduces Dryness and Lightens Scars

Potassium present in carrot juice helps reduce skin dryness and reduces scars and blemishes. It also gives life to your skin by improving the skin tone. It will also help improve hydration and thus keep your skin moisturized.


Fights Ageing

The beta-carotenoid in carrots is transformed to vitamin A once it is absorbed into the body. Thus, drinking carrot juice can help reduce cell degeneration, and it can also slow down the aging of the body.

Added to this, it also enhances the production of collagen in the skin allowing it to reduce the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.


Prevents Infections In Unborn Child

This benefit should be considered for pregnant women. Drinking carrot juice during the last 3 months of pregnancy can reduce the risk of dangerous infections in the child. In addition, it also acts as a very rich source of calcium.


Muscle Growth

If you are a fitness lover, you definitely need supplements that can help your body heal after a workout. And vitamin A in carrot juice can do a good job for you. The phosphorous present in carrot, supports the body in building, repairing, and maintaining the muscles.


Increases Metabolism

Carrot juice contains a large amount of vitamin B complexes that help it to effectively break down the fat, glucose, and protein. Meaning that it helps in building muscle, increasing our metabolism and thus helping in weight loss.

Also, studies show that regular consumption of carrot can reduce stress and depression– some of the main culprits of weight gain.


Increases Oxygen Carrying Capacity

Apart from the vitamin A, B and K,  the amount of Iron in carrot juice can increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the body, thus helping us do more workouts to lose weight.


Controls Sugar Levels

The manganese and magnesium present in carrot juice can stabilize the sugar levels in the body, helping reduce the risk of diabetes and weight gain.


Enhances Digestion

Since carrot is packed with a large amount of fiber, it can greatly enhance digestion process and makes you feel fuller for longer


Cleanses the Body

Drinking carrot juice is a perfect way to cleanse your body as it can get rid of any toxins in the body effectively.

For this, opt for fresh raw carrot juice, and you’ll be guaranteed that your digestive tract will be thoroughly cleansed, where the indigestible material and toxins will be fully removed.


Fights Allergies

Drinking fresh raw carrot juice is a great way to detoxify the blood, intestinal tract, and liver. In addition, it also balances the pH level of the entire system.


Relief from Aids Symptoms

Even though there’s no found cure for AIDS yet, it has been discovered that fresh, raw carrot juice is an excellent tool to detox your system and help repair the damaged tissues. Also, the adrenal glands greatly benefit from the consumption of carrot juice, resulting in a more regulated endocrine system.


Heals External Wounds and Gums

The main reason behind bleeding gums is a lack of vitamin C. Carrot juice has rich vitamin C goodness. Thus, drinking it everyday can heal wounds and keeps the gums healthy.

If you know any other benefits from carrot juice, please leave a comment below for more useful information.

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